Course Description


  • Understand and interpret a variety of texts taken from the world of literature, and learning to use compound tense,
  • discuss  youth issues using complex  sentences
  • Understand and discuss various phobias and the related texts using complex  sentences
  • Understand and answer questions about world cuisines,
  • discuss  the importance of money, and reading text about money and answering questions, making comments using connectors,
  • read and discuss texts related to communication and language, and use conjunctions correctly,
  • Discuss  comedy films  using adverbs
  • read and understand Music related texts, answer questions and discuss exercises related to passive,
  • read texts on a variety of architectural structures in the world and answer questions about these issues  using appropriate forms
  • discuss television programs and explaining the importance of television in our lives in an essay,
  • read and discuss several articles about the human brain, 
  • answer questions on a variety of texts  on space travel, and exercises on the use of particles and nominalizations,


Learners will be able to understand the details of conversation  in standard language even  in a noisy environment. They using complex  sentences read various types of texts without difficulty. . They will be able to understand the information, thoughts and feelings related to academic and expert texts within their areas of interest. They will be able to understand the majority of plays and films, interviews, TV documentaries,  in the standard language. They can express different emotions in  personal letters or e-mail s, explain important aspects of an event in the day. They will be able to use different listening techniques such as checking understanding of  the main idea using the clues in the text. They  will be able to report a short review of a film or a book. They will be able to  follow the conversations in environments where the target language is spoken as a mother tongue. They  will be able to easily understand and comment on contemporary literary texts. They  will be able to understand slang and idioms in film, radio and television broadcasts. They will be able to realize social, political or historical contexts of  literary works.

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card