Course Description


  • Provide information/ask questions about professions, professional terms,
  • Use words relating to Sports and sporting events,
  • Use  words that convey   regrets, wishes, dreams, hopes,
  • Provide information on preferences related to clothing,
  • Express thoughts about school life and education,
  • Explain thoughts about  art,
  • Create correct sentences using the causative voice,
  • Using passive voice and common  words to describescience and inventions,
  • Use vocabulary  about animal nature and wildlife,
  • Join conversations  using terms and phrases related to cinema and theatre,
  • Use  words related to national and religious holidays, celebrations,
  • Use  words associated with personality and personal characteristic,
  • Show contrasting  relationships within sentences  using the appropriate conjunctions.


Learners will be able to  understand a simple text related to student interests or can predict unknown words in a familiar text. They  will be able to follow  daily conversation and ask  for repetition of particular words and phrases.  They  will be able to write a short text containing the personal views and perspectives on issues that are familiar. They can understand the main idea of clearly spoken radio and television broadcasts  related with the current affairs or their interests. They will be able to  briefly express their thoughts, plans or events. Learners will be able to  interpret the ideas and opinions of others; express and respond to feelings such as surprise, happiness, and sadness. They will be able to  talk about dreams and goals. They will be able to  follow a conversation or a short story, and interpret these.. They  will be able to understand simple technical information  in  user manuals. They  will be able to  write a resume and tell a story.

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card