Course Description

According to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road, published by the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications,  drivers are required to take SRC 5 licence.

How to take the SRC 5 licence?
To receive the SRC 5 licence, it is necessary to complete the SRC 5 course and receive  a certificate from educational institutions authorized by Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry. After the course, participants with  60 points or more  in the examination,  held periodically by the Ministry, are entitled to receive a basic SRC 5 Certificate.


  • General requirements for the transport of dangerous goods,
  • Major types of hazards,
  • Important  information/issues about the protection of the environment in the monitoring of waste transportation,
  • Preventive measures and security measures that apply to different  types of hazards,
  • Actions to be taken  after an accident (First aid, road safety, basic knowledge about the use of protective equipment, written reports , etc.),
  • Marking, labeling, plates; use and characteristics of the orange warning signs,
  • The things that drivers should and should not do during the carriage of dangerous goods,
  • The technical equipment in the vehicle operation methods and goals,
  • Prohibitions on mixed loading in the same vehicle or container,
  • Measures to be taken during the loading and unloading of dangerous goods,
  • General information on the legal responsibility,
  • Information on multi-modal transport operations,
  • Handling and stacking packages,
  • Traffic restrictions and instructions on procedures  in tunnels (accident, security, protection from fire or other emergencies, etc.),
  • Safety awareness (particularly relating to terrorism).

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card