Course Description


  • Providing language tools that are necessary for A1.1 level studentsto communicate in Spanish A1.2 level, verbally and in writing, ,
  • Strengthen learners' confidence and ability to communicate in a new language with a variety of interactive activities,
  • Provide learners with information on Spanish culture,
  • Create awareness in a field of global working area by entering into new culture.


(SPEAKING) Learners  will be able to talk about daily actions, place where they  live, and their skills in  simple language using Pretérito Perfecto (near past tense) and Pretérito Indefinido (past tense), in addition to the simple present tense already  learned.

(CONVERSATION)Learners will be able to communicate on familiar topics and activities, and make short conversations (e.g.  perform a dialogue between waiter and customer in a  restaurant, and ask the time).

(LISTENING) Learners will be able to understand a dialogue between the customer and the waiter in the restaurant; understand  dialogues  about various  everyday activities.

(READING)Learners can read and understand written texts on the issues mentioned above.

(WRITING) Learners can express themselves in writing  using Pretérito Perfecto (near past tense) and PretéritoIndefinido (past tense).

A placement test will be given at the beginning of all levels except elementary courses (A1-1).

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card