Course Description


  • Provide learners the verbal and written language tools in  necessary to communicate in Spanish at beginner level,
  • Strengthen learners' confidence and ability to communicate in a new language with a variety interactive activities,
  • Introduce learners to Spanish culture,
  • Create awareness  of global business activities through new cultural perspectives.


(SPEAKING) Learners will be able to  talk about things that they want to achieve, and their reasons. They  will be able to describe themselves, , family members and close friends in the simple words and sentences (Age, Occupation, Hobby etc.). They will be able to talk about climates, and general information about countries, cities etc.

(CONVERSATION) Learners will be able to meet basic  needs in communicative situations such as shopping.

(LISTENING) Learners will be able to understand words and phrases related to the introduction of their country and city, shopping, meeting  people, family, and occupation.

(READING) Learners will be able to understand texts written in simple present tense in the the areas listed above.

(WRITING) Learners will be able to fill forms related to personal information, and write short texts related to issues  mentioned above.

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card