Course Description

Coaching is a scientific method that makes communication and learning easier with personal approach, and it is also a development tool  for creating change and directing your future by increasing awareness of yourself.

Coaching practices are shown as one of the most preferred career development tools in the developing world because it has the potential to  improve employee performance and corporate success.

Coach determines the roadmap by creating unprejudiced environment to generate the change people  want, realize their own  potential, and allow  the person to use his/her own internal power along the path of development.

You can manage your living space and create a holistic change in yourself by using the coaching approach.

Why we need a  coach?

It provides  the solution and one’s own truth, and identifies  the target or helps to improve existing target.

It makes it easy to take effective action steps to reach  targets.

It guides  the continuity and productivity of the action steps.

It gives you a creative perspective on the management of habitats.

It teaches you to ask powerful questions of  yourself and your environment.

It provides supporting information for the  management of habitats.

Professional Coaching Workshop aims to introduce participants to  the coaching system, and enable  individuals to  apply basic coaching skills in their personal lives.

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card