Course Description

What is olive oil? How do we understand the quality of olive oil? Is it only laboratory analysis? Or is the sensory analysis of olive oil is also necessary? What is the history of olive oil sensory analysis? When did  the first olive oil tasting take place  and what has changed sincethen? How can we  taste and evaluate the olive oil? How can we  classify  olive oil?

You are invited to such an event that you will find the answers to the questions above. How do we assess the quality of olive oil that has been familiar for thousands of years in Anatolia? The answers to these questions will be provided by , the lecturer of the course, olive-oil producer,olive-oil Tasting Friendly Society Panel Chairman and Olive Oil and Culinary course lecturer in our university Dr.Dilşen Oktay.

Therefore, before coming the course, we strongly advise you to avoid   intense spicy aromas, smoking, and  using  strong smelling perfumes, deodorants, cologne, shaving lotion or other cosmetic products.

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card