Course Description


  • Providing language tools that are necessary for A2-1 level students to communicate in  Italian at the level of A2-2 verbally and in writing.
  • Strengthen Learners' confidence and ability to communicate in a new language and strengthen interactive abilities.
  • Activate and develop theoretical language knowledge
  • Increasing global awareness by introducing  a new language and a new culture


(SPEAKING): Learners can explain ideas and plans; describe their experiences in various topics(Clothing style, television programs, giving directions, giving  opinion on any subject, advise), using pronouns, reflexives, and two new moods in addition to the  newly learned indicative tense.

(CONVERSATION): Learners  will be able to exchange ideas on topics mentioned above and hold  dialogues and short conversations.

(LISTENING): Learners can understand the main points of standard speech or topics such as description, opinion, advice.

(READING): Students will be able to understand  text  containing the most frequently used words in everyday language related to the topics mentioned above.

(WRITING): Learners will be able to write texts that describe expressions and impressions reflecting personal preferences on matters within the area of interest.


A placement test will be given at the beginning of all levels except elementary courses (A1-1).

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card