Course Description


GMAT exam is conducted  by GMAC and is required for MBA program from most American, Canadian and European university business departments. GMAT result is also valid for business PhD programs such as the Harvard Business School.

GMAT exam has an important role at the evaluation and this is very important for schools for  two reasons: First of all, GMAT exam leads schools to evaluate students on a quantitative basis; moreover, some management schools use GMAT results for placement. Secondly, exam results affect whether students’ applications will be accepted or not. In addition to  license notes, GMAT result also reveals  the MBA lessons skills of students. The exam aims to evaluate their improvement in analytical writing skills during verbal, quantitative and educational life. After this course, students will have the confidence and experience to evaluate the areas they are stronger  or weaker in.. The main objective of this course is to give the important advantage to  students that study on their own to practice for important topics in exams, and to identify the  areas where they need to improve.. This course is for the students who have a good level of Engish and want to improve further.   Worldwide, more than 6000 business master programs use GMAT results for student admissions process The GMAT exam result retains its validity for a period of 5 years, so that  students  can take this exam before they have made a final decision  about which program they will choose.

This course is given to make students notice the areas they are good at and improve  themselves in areas where they need to improve. During the course, students will learn effective test strategies and skills at the following topics: 
·         Develop critical thinking skills 
·         Detailed revision  of GMAT math concepts. 
·         Critical reading of the text of the oral proceeding. 
·         Math problem solving strategies. 
·         Analyze  implications and reach  accurate conclusions. 
·         Synthesize concepts and ideas. 
·         Eliminate  wrong answers quickly.
·         Write short, concise essays quickly 
·         Strategic ways fo working  under strict conditions. 
·         Understanding of basic American terms and words.

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card