Course Description


Aim of the course is to be able to understand and use extremely simple words aimed to meet the  needs of the  everyday requirements  of participants. Participants can introduce themselves and others, and answer  questions about themselves, their  home, relationships, possessions, etc.


LISTENING: Participants will be able to  understand very basic phrases and familiar words related with their  family when spoken slowly and clearly.

READING: They will be able to  understand simple sentences, words, and familiar  names in written texts such as catalog, announcements or posters.

CONVERSATION: Participants will be able to  communicate in a simple way  what they want to say and speak, althoughat  at a relatively slow rate of speech. They will be able to  ask and answer  simple questions areas for current needs or on very familiar subject.

SPEAKING: They will be able to  use simple phrases and sentences to describe familiar people.

WRITING: They will be able to  write postcards with short simple sentences. For example: holiday cards. Also, they will be able to fill in forms with personal information, like name, nationality and address. For example: hotel registration forms.

Note: Placement Test will be held except for A1/1 courses.

Source: Funk/Kuhn: Studio 21 A1.2. Das Deutschbuch. CornelsenVerlag

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card