Course Description


Course aims to help participants to be able to use German to communicate in their daily life.

 Short reading texts and comprehension questions  contributes to an overall understanding of German. Speaking sections allow   gradual progress in fluency.


LISTENING: Participants will be able to comprehend  closely related issues (For instance, daily life,, family, shopping, local geography, employment) that  use  extremely high frequency vocabulary. They will be able to understand the essential meaning of newspaper ads and basic  messages.

READING: Participants will be able to  read simple and short texts. Also, they will be able to  find specific information provided in everyday documents such as advertising, booklets, menus and tariffs.

CONVERSATION: They will be able to communicate  on familiar topics and activities that do not require anything other than a simple and direct exchange of information. Even though in general they do not have a full  understanding of  subjects,, they can participate  in a very short communication exchanges.

SPEAKING: They will benefit from a series of phrases or expressions for describing their family and other people, living conditions, education and current professional activities with simple words.

WRITING: Participants will be able to write simple messages, short notes and very simple personal letters, such as a letter of thanks.

Source: Funk/Kuhn: Studio 21 A1.1 Das Deutschbuch. CornelsenVerlag

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card