Fashıon Feng Shuı or Dressıng a person's character, for a better self

Course Description

It’s  TIME to Dress for your Dreams!

Are your clothes saying the truth  about yourself? Are your garments chosen to express how wonderful you are  physically, mentally and spiritually?   Does your attire affirm your aspirations, so  that you will naturally attract them the soonest possible into your life?

If the answer to these questions  is NO, than come join us for a 2 Day workshop   “It’s TIME to Dress for your Dreams / Transform your Life and Image with  Fashion Feng Shui®”,  a “journey of self discovery”  during which you will learn to make inspired choices for outfits which support  who you are and who you desire to be.

You will learn to chose outfits to Fulfill your Spirit, Flatter your Appearance, be Functional for your Lifestyle and Fortify your aspirations.

It is a 2 Day fun and interactive experience, during  which we will explore Essence (Spirit), Intention (Mind) and Appearance (Body),  through the “eyes” of Fashion Feng Shui®’s Elemental Archetypes: WATER - The  Philosopher, WOOD - The Pioneer, FIRE - The Pleasure Seeker, EARTH – The  Peacemaker, METAL – The Perfectionist. 

You will learn to planify a 4F wardrobe (Fulfilling, Flattering, Functioning and Fortifying) empowering  yourself and revealing your highest potential.

What is this workshop offering you :

- Knowing yourself from the perspective of personal Essence and the principles governing your existence;

- Help in establishing short or long term objectives and the courage to act for achieving them;

- A different understanding of human relationships, another way of conducting efficiently and consciously personal and professional relationships.

- Time saving when choosing clothes, based on your Intentions.

- The transformation you need for becoming the person you want to be!

- Two days full of new useful informations from an authentic Feng Shui Master, a new beginning for you, for your external image and, for many, for the entire future life!

Starting from the principle that you can live a more prosperous life, healthier and happier, when your professional and personal surroundings are harmonious and balanced, Fashion Feng Shui® is encouraging you to visually affirm your intentions for manifesting them fully in your life.

During our time together you will discover many things about Who you are, What you want and How to obtain what you want.

You will…

- EXPLORE Fashion Feng Shui®’s Five Elemental Archetypes, which will guide you in creating a new YOU, an attractive and authentic appearance, empowered;

- EVALUATE Your Essence, Identify Your Intention, Analyse Your Appearance and Assess your entire Lifestyle;

- LEARN how to dress your Mind, Body and Spirit;

- CHOOSE colors, patterns, textures, fabrics and silhouettes that authentically communicate Who you are, and What you wish to Do, Be and Have;

- DISCOVER how you can wear all 5 Elements to naturally energize your Appearance.

-FORMULATE a Fashion Feng Shui ® Elemental Wardrobe Plan that enhances your personal energies.

- RECEIVE personalized Fashion Feng Shui ® dressing reccomandations for being always Dressed for Success.



8:45-9:30 Registration of participants to the workshop

9:30-11:00 Introduction in Fengshui, Fashion Fengshui Philosophy

11:00-11:30 Networking break, coffee offered by the organizers.

11:30-13:00 Evaluating Essence

13:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-15:30 Identifying Intention

15:30-16:00 Networking break.

16:00—18:00 Analysing Appearance

19:30 – 21:00 Dinner with Carmen Okabe – a rare opportunity  to be next to a Fashion Feng Shui Master (separate fees)

SUNDAY 13 MAY 2018

9:00-10:45 Lifestyle/Environment

10:45-11:15 Networking break, coffee  offered by the organizers

11:15-13:00 Elemental Inventory, Wardrobe Audit

13:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:00- 15:30 Transformations applying FFS

15:30-16:00 Networking break.

16:00-17:30 Health, relationships and Feng Shui, General considerations

About the Instructor/Teacher : Carmen Okabe 

Swiss Image Institute CEO, Switzerland, Internationally Published Author Feng Shui Ambassador to the World, 

Master Facilitator of Fashion Feng Shui International business consultant living in Switzerland Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Languages (Chinese/Japanese) , 

1987 Attended MBA in Japanese Management, Japan, 

1995 MBA in International Hospitality Management, Switzerland, 2008

Books by Carmen Okabe 

“Fashion Feng Shui for Life”, USA 2017 

“Business Success with Ease”, USA 2013 

“Manual of Feng Shui”, Romania 2003 

9 years Fashion & Beauty Magazine Publisher

"I learnt so many things during these two days :  I know myself better than before, and I can buy just things which are  flattering my figure ! I am done with disorganized shopping and the “no  things to wear” mornings!

Corinne M., Executive Secretary, Lausanne,  Switzerland

"Before this workshop “Transform Your Life & Looks”,  it was difficult to define my style. Now I understand my preference for certain  outfits. Understanding the 5 Elements is a profound change of vision and now I  know how to express myself authentically and with confidence in myself and my  choices. Thank you, Carmen, and thank you, Fashion Feng Shui! 

                                                                                                                Cristina S., Lawyer , Bucharest,  Romania

“ Hello, Carmen! I wanted to thank  you again for the opportunity to participate at this workshop.  I used all the informations you gave us and  today I received a job offer more than generous from a multinational company.  For the interview I had dressed according to my Intention and I put into practice  all you taught us and it functioned fantastically!!! I am more than delighted  with the outcome and I will continue to deepen my Feng Shui knowledge, because  it is really functioning!!  Thanks again, you’re the BEST!”

Antonia L., Network Operation Manager, Bucharest,  Romania

"The informations about Fashion Feng Shui and  the 5 Elements Carmen is offering with so much generosity gave me another  vision about colours and fashion style. Now I can say I am dressing really like  I am inside and how I want to become, the best version of myself! And my shop  is prosperous, because I am using the 5 Archetype Elements  including for arranging my windows and  shelves. I adored each minute of this workshop! Xiexie Carmen!

 Meng Jian, Fashion Store Owner, Beijing, China

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card