Course Description

EKOSEM are introducing the Vedic and Montessori Mathematics Instructor Course, and Singapore Math’s Instructor Course.

We invite students, colleagues, graduates who study, teach or plan to teach  mathematics, physics and chemistry to these courses.

The courses will be held in  partnership with  "TALES Mathematics Museum", coordinated by EKOSEM at our university’s campus in Balçova.

The course  "TALES Mathematics Museum", the first of its kind in Turkey, will take place in partnership with the museum? and will be held at our university Balçova campus, coordinated by  IEU EKOSEM.

As a result of this certified course, our teachers have taken an important step for the future lives of their young students by exposing them to  activities related to mathematics from early ages.

If you want to encourage students to  love Maths and numbers, increase their enjoyment in  learning Maths,  and if you want to encourage their curiosity,  you should join these courses.

This course provides a range of training for mathematics from simple to complex, embodying the abstract concepts of the  “Help Me to Help Myself” philosophy developed by Maria Montessori.

    Warning: Please make sure that your name-last name match the information on your ID card